we welcome you just as you are.

It is our mission to share the ancient practices of Yoga with others, as a way for each person to dis-cover their own wholeness.


We aim to make the healing practices of Yoga accessible to all people, who would otherwise be limited by barriers - be those of ability and experience, physical location, the English language, or personal finances.

We are committed to seeking truth, studying ancient wisdom, and sharing the rich traditions of Yoga. 

You are whole & complete

Our Story —

Trilogy manifested from an idea that twin sisters Claudín Mangum & Lucinda Smith had. Frustrated that there were no yoga studios within proximity of their homes, Claudín and Lucinda came together to establish Trilogy Yoga for their local community. They wanted a space where they could practice the traditions of Yoga while also exploring & sharing it with others. Claudín & Lucinda decided to incorporate in January 2020 and did so, from the ground up. With no financial assistance, they took a grass-roots approach to community building, leading classes daily from the living room of Claudín's home. Two months later, the Covid-19 pandemic struck the World. The sisters quickly pivoted to sharing yoga online and from that moment on, Trilogy became a Virtual Space.  Today, Trilogy classes and courses are held Online and in various shared locations in NC and MT. Our focus continues to be accessibility, equity, and support for quality programs.