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Trilogy North Carolina

Hi, I'm Claudín. Pronounced "Clah-oo-deen", my name represents my Latin American heritage. I am half Bolivian on my mother's side and half Marylander from my father. I started practicing yoga as a competitive runner looking to heal a nagging low back injury. I soon discovered that yoga was helping heal more than just my physical injury. I love the challenge the practice offers me every time I step onto my may, be it physical or emotional. 


In 2018, I completed my first 200hr teacher training and now have over 500 hours of training as a Certified Yoga Teacher. I also hold certifications in Growga Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Training and BREATHE© Breath Coaching. As a lifelong student of Yoga, I am committed to sharing these timeless practices and wisdom with others.

Come practice with me in and around North Durham County, North Carolina.

You can expect the physical practice and lessons I share in my classes to come from a place of deep nurturing and love.

To inquire about private lessons, upcoming series or trainings please complete the form below.

Thanks for reaching out!
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