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BreathWork Offerings

Breathwork is more than an exercise of breathing correctly or with intent. Breathing techniques are tools for major transformation and healing. 


Benefits of Breathwork include:


  • Release toxins from the body

  • Increase Energy and Boost Immune System

  • Strengthen your lungs and breathing capacity

  • Increase Self-Awareness

  • Improve Sleep

  • Helps Digestion

  • Release Trauma and Fear

  • Stress Relief

  • Reduced Anxiety and Depression Relief


& many more that you will discover for yourself on your journey.

Single Session

Breathwork is different for everyone and different every time you do it.

After a few minutes of breathing, you may feel a tingly sensation of energy vibrating through your body, moving the stuck energy in your system. Your experience will be unique to you and your path.

Breathwork can result in intense physical and emotional release. Therefore, it is not advised for persons with a history of cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recent physical injuries or surgery.

Breathwork is not advised for persons with severe mental illness or seizure disorders or for persons using major medications. It is also unsuitable for anyone with a personal or family history of aneurysms.

Let's Work Together

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