missoula - montana

Yoga, wherever you are. Trilogy Yoga MT was created as a way to bridge the distance between where we began and where we find ourselves now. Yoga is a practice of connection & unity. It gives us the tools to root into an understanding of ourselves & cultivate deeper relationships with the world around us. 

You can find Trilogy at various studios and public spaces in Missoula. The classes are intended to uplift the people and neighborhoods we serve. With that intention, we offer lead flows that vary from vinyasa, power, to restorative.



Restorative Yoga: 2:30pm Tuesday A nourishing and simple practice to restore homeostasis. Attention is given to both the body and breath to regulate the nervous system, create balance, eases stress & anxiety, and improves the body's natural healing response

  Mellow Flow Yoga: 2:30pm Thursday This class combines the power and methodology of a flow      class with the stretch and release of a restorative practice - a beautiful balance of effort and ease. 

We also offer Community Classes as a way to try our practice and also invest in the local wellness economy. All classes are inclusive, designed for accessibility, and created to strengthen and celebrate every student. Pricing is based on reciprocity. Give what you can, how you can 🖤  
Stay posted for details about the next Community Class in Missoula later this summer