meet the teachers

Claudín and Lucinda co-created Trilogy Power Yoga at the beginning of 2020. No sooner did the doors to our home & studio open, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and impacted the entire world. Since then, Trilogy has adapted to be a virtual studio - offering a life-altering yoga practice not only to the local community but beyond.  We aim to connect humans across landscape and time through this practice.

All of the teachers at Trilogy are trained and teach in the style and methodology of Baptiste Power Yoga.

In one word, my intention for 2020 is COURAGE. Current favorite yoga pose is forward fold - the opposing sensations of stretch and contraction could have me hanging out there allll day. The practice of yoga has given me greater access to myself and what is possible. My goal in teaching is to help students let go of self doubts and truly believe that anything is possible!

Claudín Mangum

My 2020 intention is GRATITUDE – always looking for the good, the lesson, the opportunity for growth in any situation (yes, even in 2020!). Fun, flowing yoga practice has helped me connect to my breath, body, other people, and the universe. My current favorite pose is urdhva dhanurasana (wheel) - I love the opportunity to express strength and vulnerability to create space for something new - every time. My goal in teaching is to help my students access and embrace their strength and power both on and off the mat.

Pamela Kisala

When I teach, I look for connection - community connection, body/mind connection, universal connection. Through the yoga poses, I want to offer opportunities for curiosity and wonder. I want to create a supportive space where students feel encouraged and seen. 
Yoga is the discovery of my true self and a reconnection to my deepest knowing.

Lucinda Smith

Julie is the founder and former owner of Baptiste Power Yoga St. Louis. She is registered as an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and a Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Influencer, with more than 1200 hours of training with the Baptiste Institute. Julie has led five 200 - hour teacher trainings, countless workshops and classes. Her passion lies in connection. Connecting people together through the power of yoga, on and off the mat.

Julie Bergfeld