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Trilogy @ home

Our Trilogy @ Home online yoga classes will support you in creating a home practice while connecting with community, from literally anywhere in the world!
Download the
Zoom app and join us for class!


Virtual yoga opens a word of possibilities to elevate your practice and life! Set yourself up for success by creating an intentional and supportive at-home yoga environment.


Here are some tips we find helpful :

 If you are streaming class on a phone or tablet, make sure your device is fully charged and on “Do Not Disturb” OR “Airplane Mode”. Position your camera so that the teacher can have a full view of you. We are dedicated to watching our students so that we can look at you and provide cues to support your poses and practice.

Grab a mat if you have one! Keep props nearby too! Traditional supports like blocks, straps, blankets, and cushions are worthwhile investments. If you don't have these, you can get creative with household items: hardcover books and water bottles make great substitutes for blocks. A towel, neck tie or t-shirt work great in a pinch if you don't have a strap!

Pick a spot to practice free from distractions and where you can move easily - It can be in your bedroom, on your porch, in your yard even!

Create your space intentionally. Notice what is around you and keep in mind that less is more. Having too many items around not only clutters your space but also clutters the mind.

Expect transformation.

The way you arrive to your mat will be different than the way leave it . That is the power of this practice, and our promise to you.

Anything is possible! 

If you choose to play music, pick songs without words or with words that uplift. For inspo, check out our curated playlists on Spotify here.

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