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drop ins

Single Class Drop in $15

New to the community? Feel free to stop in or book online and join us for a single class.

SEVA Sunday Drop in $10

* Seva is a Sanskrit word that describes the act of selfless service. All Sunday classes offered on the regular schedule at Trilogy are priced in service to our community. Yoga is and should be for everyone!*

monthly auto renewal options

Unlimited Yoga. Auto-renew packages require a 3 month minimum commitment. You may cancel anytime after the first three months.

Transform your Body $99

Transform your Life  $999

Class Packages

Yoga for All
Yoga para Todos
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Support our Yoga for All Program by becoming a Donor Member

We  believe that yoga shouldn't be a privilage enjoyed only by those who can financially afford it.  We recognize that there are many barries to access and opportunity gaps that exists, preventing many people from ever experiencing yoga. We have created this Yoga for All  Program to support a yoga practice for anyone and everyone. You donation supports Trilogy scholarships, which are avaliable as needed. To become a Trilogy Yoga Donor Member, click here.

Trilogy Scholarships

Class Packs have a 1 year expiration from the time of purchase.

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8 Class Pack

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12 Class Pack

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