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In addition to our daily online classes, Trilogy - North Carolina offers outdoor classes in two locations: The Trilogy Lawn and Little River Regional Park.

Outdoor classes happen as the weather allows (Little River has a shelter we use in the case of inclement weather). If you see a class listed on the schedule as both [Virtual] and [Outdoor], that means that the class will happen outdoors AND be live-streamed. Register for outdoor classes here or just show up! 

Partner Classes

Together with Elite Legacy Fitness Gym in Creedmoor, NC,  we offer weekly in-person classes at their gym. Classes listed on the schedule as [ELITE NC] mean they are only available for in-person attendance at the gym. Preregistration is required.

Outdoor Yoga? What should I know?


We are so excited you're joining us for class! If you're new to outdoor yoga or yoga in general, here are some things tips that might be helpful.

Transformation. Plain and simple. You will step onto your mat one way, and when you leave it, you will not be the same. That is the power of this practice, and that is our promise to you. Our yoga classes are vinyasa-style. 

Bring a yoga mat! When practicing outside, it is also nice to place a towel or blanket under your mat (completely optional). We suggest bringing a full water bottle and encourage you to bring props, like blocks or straps.

It's most important to be comfortable while you move. Check the weather before you leave home. In cooler months, layers are recommended as we do heat up quite a bit while moving. We also recommend wearing sunscreen.

Anything is possible! Keep showing up. Keep being unapologetically you. And discover your personal power. This practice offers options to make it your own, so you can access your truest, highest self.

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