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Myofascial Release Five-Week Series: The Five Elements

Camp Tuition


Date and Time

56 Hours

Myofascial Release Five-Week Series: The Five Elements


Lucinda Smith

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Camp Details

Just as everything in the world is made up of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, & space, so is our body.

In this course, we will awaken awareness of and explore the universal elements that our body is made of through the discovery or our fascial system.

Yoga poses, myofascial release, and self-massage techniques will be used to harmonize strength, balance, and flexibility in the body, heart, and mind. Each class will begin with a brief meditation and pranyam (breathing practice). This is a great series for beginners, students recovering from injuries, illness, stress, and for those wanting a more peaceful practice.

Week 1: Earth: Rooted Bones

Week 2: Water: Flowing River

Week 3: Fire: Change & Transformation

Week 4: Air: Spreading Wings

Week 5: Space: Expanding & Contracting

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